Tips for Buying a Guitar from Music Shops in Dublin

music shops dublinBack in the “old” days (ouch, I actually remember them) when the internet didn’t exist, buying a guitar was simple, but your options were limited.

You’d go to the local music store and spend your time figuring out which guitar felt better in your hands, hoping to find one you liked or, you could search ads in newspapers and magazines.

Today, buying begins at your favorite search engine.

With the click of a mouse button, you get info on products, dealers, stores, pricing and any other information you might need. Once you’ve collected all the information and spent some time thinking things over, you make your decision and that’s it. Life is sweet, or is it?

Bear in mind that every guitar is unique. The model might be the same, but the sound each makes and the way they feel is different. This is very important and, unless you’re isolated where there are no music stores within traveling distance, your search, even if you’re determined to buy on line should include a trip or two to your local music store.

Here are some things you should think about before deciding to shop online for a guitar.

  • Research everything possible. Check the reviews and visit forums.
  • Think of your music style and get a guitar suitable for that style.
  • Visit some music stores and feel the guitar you liked.
  • If you find one that feels perfect, keep in mind that it’s the only one. Consider buying it at once.
  • Music stores know their online competition and they’ll probably try to match the price.
  • (Keep in mind that you might have to pay a bit more, but you’ll also get service and other bonuses).
  • Make sure you understand each site’s return policy. Pay attention to time allowed and extra costs.
  • When you get your guitar look closely for possible scratches. Check that you get a valid warranty card.
  • Don’t trust sellers that are not well-known. There are many dealers out there that only want to get rid of rotten merchandise.
  • Don’t stress out if you find the same guitar at a lower price. These things happen. Spend your time playing and you’ll soon forget about it.
    Shopping today is much easier, that’s for sure. It’s all at your fingertips.

Keep in mind though, that you really need your fingertips to decide what’s best for you!

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